Meet Bryan Hearn

CEO & Founder of Bridges To Readiness
Bryan founded Bridges to Readiness in 2022 to help students reach their goals, realize their potential, and gain self-confidence through accelerating their learning and expanding their options after high school.
With over 15 years of experience, with accolades including Level 5 Teacher multiple years, increasing school wide ACT scores by 4+ composite points, and increasing AP pass rate 27%+, 
As a teacher, Bryan was named a Level 5 ("Most Effective") teacher by the State of Tennessee for all years he taught.
In Bryan's first year in instructional leadership, his school posted an ACT average increase of 4+ composite points, and he worked to increase the AP pass rate 27%+ while increasing access to AP coursework from 20 exams to 104 exams taken (a 5x increase).
Bryan believes deeply in students having multiple postsecondary options after high school.

Are you looking for an experienced tutor?

Bryan provides expert academic assistance for college essay writing and coaching.

College Essay Support

With a track record of 3,500+ lessons, 17+ years experience, and a consistent 5-star rating from parents and students, my coaching has consistently propelled students to craft compelling essays, excel on standardized exams like the ACT/SAT/AP/GRE, and broaden academic horizons.

Professional Coaching

The core of my coaching philosophy is the strong connection I create with each student & family, creating a space of support and motivation to face challenges head-on—from acing standardized tests to navigating the demands of college admissions.