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Your college essay is more than just words on paper; it's your voice, your story, and your golden ticket to your dream college. It’s where the admission officers get to meet the person behind the scores.

We help you transform your unique story into a compelling narrative that opens doors to your dream college. Crafting a standout college entrance essay is an art, and we're here to be your creative guides on this exciting journey.


Express Session

Start, Get Unstuck, or Finish

1 Session

Perfect for kickstarting your college essay journey, getting unstuck, or putting finishing touches on what you’ve created.

Triple Thrive Sessions

3 Sessions

Designed for students in the drafting phase, these three sessions provide comprehensive guidance as you shape your essay. 

Start to Finish

5 Sessions

Ideal for those looking for support from start to finish of their Common App or are applying to multiple schools with similar prompts.

Deep Dive Coaching Package

8 Sessions

Our most in-depth package! Perfect for students applying to UCs, are applying to multiple schools with dissimilar essay prompts.

Common App Package:

Session 1: Introduction to Your Student’s Unique Story

In the initial session, our experienced tutors will engage with your student to uncover their interests, achievements, and aspirations. This is a foundational step where we build a rapport and truly understand the student’s voice and what they wish to convey to admissions committees. We’ll also introduce the Common App prompts and begin outlining potential essay topics that resonate with their personal narrative.

Session 2: Detailed Roadmap and Brainstorming

Session 3: Crafting the First Draft

Session 4: Refining the Narrative

Session 5: Final Edits and Polish

UC Essay Coaching Package:

Session 1: Understanding the UC Prompts

We begin by introducing your student to the UC application’s unique personal insight questions. We’ll discuss strategies for selecting the prompts that best allow them to illustrate their character and experiences.

Session 2: Selecting the Right Stories

Session 3: Outlining the First Two Essays

Session 4: Drafting the First Two Essays

Session 5: Revising Essays One and Two

Session 6: Outlining the Last Two Essays

Session 7: Drafting the Last Two Essays

Session 8: Final Revisions and Polish

The Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your essay feedback service work?

 Our service offers both asynchronous and 1:1 essay feedback. For asynchronous feedback, you submit your essay, and our experienced coaches provide detailed feedback within a specified timeframe. If you choose 1:1 feedback, you'll have a personalized session with a coach to discuss your essay in real-time.

How do I choose between asynchronous and 1:1 feedback?

How do you ensure the originality of the essays?

What if I need help with multiple essays for different colleges?

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