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Readiness Math

Ongoing Adjustments Based on Data

A Problem-Based Approach

Tutoring Designed to Accelerate Learning in Math

Building high school students' conceptual foundation in math.

Rooted in the standards.

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Bridges to Readiness math tutoring focuses on teaching students to analyze and solve complex math problems with precision. We root our approach in college- and career-readiness math content standards and the standards for mathematical practice.


Unlike other providers that may focus more on tricks such as "guess and check," we help students understand the how and why behind the math.





We diagnose students' math learning needs and develop an individualized approach to accelerate their understanding.

At Bridges to Readiness, our tutoring sessions take a problem-based approach, and we believe all students can understand college-level math. We provide students with opportunities to practice and get feedback on official exam problems (e.g., items on college entrance exams).


We believe students being able to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them is the most important skill we can teach students not just in terms of the SAT or the ACT but also in terms of college- and career-readiness. 

We give one-on-one support to students so that they can analyze a problem, figure out what they are being asked to do, and create a solution pathway. We deeply believe that this same approach of analyzing a situation, determining a goal, and making a plan to get there applies to any challenge students may face not just on the ACT or on the SAT but in postsecondary and beyond.

All of us were born to be math-ready.

Not all of us have had the chance.

We cultivate mathematical thinking

Our ultimate goal is to impact student learning. We are clear about the attitudes and beliefs about mathematics and the mathematics learning we want to cultivate in Bridges to Readiness students.

We use problems rooted in real-world contexts

To help students make connections within and outside of math.

We use high-quality materials.

We provide plans customized to the needs of each student that incorporate official exam problems with technology designed to to help us work shoulder-to-shoulder with our students, no matter where they are.

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We make the most of our one-on-one time

In our sessions, students practice official grade-level problems and get affirming and constructive feedback. This practice time serves one or more purposes:

  • Provide a chance to use a familiar skill in a new context

  • Introduce a new concept

  • Introduce or discover a new representation to model a problem

  • Practice using mathematical language

  • Identifying and resolving common mistakes and misconceptions

  • Provide an opportunity to model the math

Students then have additional targeted practice to work on in between sessions.

We're laser focused on the data.

We continuously collect and analyze data to drive decision making and inform our instruction. This includes ACT, PSAT, and SAT scores, our own diagnostic and interim assessments, as well as real-time data from sessions. In addition, we regularly survey students and parents for feedback. This allows tutors and operational staff to build a cohesive product that can be personalized to meet the needs of each student.

Want to connect?

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Free 15-minute consultation with our Founder & CEO, Bryan Hearn, to discuss your needs for your student(s) and our approach. We will use this call to establish an individualized plan to fit your student's goals.


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