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College Friends

Preparing for Life After High School

We are
"Bridges to Readiness"
for a reason.

When we started Bridges to Readiness, we knew that tutoring for college entrance exams was just the beginning. 

We have always wanted to build bridges for students. Bridges that accelerate their learning from where it is to where it can be. Bridges that help them get to wherever they want to go.

To achieve this vision, we thought deeply about the additional support students need to be ready for life after high school, and we're excited to offer the following services.

In the fall of 2023, we're launching a new online, enrichment class for 11th and 12th graders around preparing for life after high school.

In this class, students will read and discuss texts that will help them understand the options they have for postsecondary pathways, exploring the central question: How can I prepare for life after high school? Utilizing high-quality curriculum from Odell Education, students will read complex texts that assist them in making actionable steps towards their adult, postsecondary lives. 

Computer Class

College Essay Support

College essays showcase students' voice and authenticity. Applicants not only can showcase their writing skills in their essays, but they also reveal why they would be a great fit for the college or university's student body. GPAs and test scores are crucial undoubtably, but the essay is a student's chance to speak directly to a person reviewing your application

Asynchronous Review


Get feedback via a 2 minute-video memo and comments & questions via track changes within 48 hours.


Live Brainstorming Session


Meet with us for one hour to start an outline and an initial first draft for a student's essay.



Premier College Essay Support


3 live sessions


One-on-one hour-long sessions that can be used for anything from brainstorming to reviewing drafts.


3 asynchronous reviews

Three rounds of feedback with comments + two-minute video overviews customized to students.

Consistent updates for families


Following every session, families will receive a detailed follow-up as to what was covered and what next steps there are as the student finalizes their essays.


Districts, schools, and other supporters should contact us for pricing to reach multiple students.

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