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Alexa Young, CA

After just two weeks of sessions focusing on the SAT Reading/Writing section, my daughter was able to reach her goal and achieved a 1570 on the SAT.

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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We prepare all students to be ready for life after high school.

Our Tutoring Approach

Bridges to Readiness combines the evidence-base connected to high-dosage tutoring and optimizes the following design principles in its program design to drive results for high school students:

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We use best-in-class curricular materials that align to the demands of SAT, ACT, and AP exams and academic standards. Our sessions are rooted in a task-based instructional model designed to prepare students not only for college entrance exams but, even more importantly, their chosen pathway after high school.



We know that tutoring is most likely to be effective through ongoing individualized sessions.

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We pair each student with an expert tutor who gets to deeply understand them and their learning needs. Our tutoring program is rooted in a trusting partnership between students, their caregivers, and their champions.


Progress Monitoring

We believe in ongoing data use and ongoing informal assessments in order to tailor instruction for individual students. We also collect ongoing feedback from all stakeholders to ensure we reach our shared outcomes.

Learn About Our Hallmark Tutoring Approaches


A curriculum that prepares students for college, not just the SAT and ACT.

Our tutors are committed to student readiness and success after high school.

To us, there is no difference between preparing for college admissions tests and preparing for the demands of college. Students have big dreams for themselves and their futures. But postsecondary readiness isn’t accessible to all. Students need rigorous curriculum in their daily instruction as well as in one-on-one tutoring.

At Bridges to Readiness, we believe all students can rise to meet college and career readiness benchmarks, especially when given standards-aligned curriculum and support.

We believe all students deserve educators who deeply understand them, their aspirations, and their learning acceleration needs. Students flourish when they are given one-on-one support by adults who know and believe in them.

We understand and monitor learning acceleration needs.

Among the 2021 graduating class, only 25% of students met all four ACT college readiness benchmarks and received the lowest average score in more than a decade (2021 ACT Achievement Data). Inequity in postsecondary access existed before the pandemic, and the pandemic only exacerbated gaps. Many colleges and universities are starting to wonder whether grades alone can measure college readiness, considering the rapid rate of grade inflation, and are starting to see the importance of the SAT & ACT again in college admissions, or even in avoiding remedial coursework for students. This means that tutors need to be relentless in understanding students' learning needs and pushing them forward.

We offer high-dosage support to ensure deep learning.

We typically see that we are able to achieve the most growth with 8 or more sessions concentrated on a particular section in order to accelerate students' learning.

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