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In-School Tutoring Implementation Support

Achieve student success through our comprehensive consulting services, including goal setting, curriculum development, capacity building, and reflective stepbacks, empowering schools to implement effective student tutoring courses.


Customized programs to meet school and district needs

We work directly with schools and districts to implement high-impact tutoring and build the capacity of leaders and teachers to drive academic excellence in high schools. Whether we're working directly with leaders, teachers, or students, we offer a broad range of customized support to drive student outcomes.

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In-school tutoring implementation support

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Curriculum implementation and development

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High school academic North Star, mission, and vision planning

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Teacher professional development on SAT, ACT, and standards and shifts

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Assessment strategy and progress monitoring

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The Readiness Institute workshops

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Schedule time with CEO and founder Bryan Hearn to explore partnership options.

In-School Tutoring Implementation Support

We understand the importance of setting clear goals and providing comprehensive support for student tutoring course implementation. Through our consulting services, we collaborate with schools to achieve the following objectives:

  • Setting Goals for Student Tutoring Course: We work closely with schools to establish meaningful goals for student tutoring courses. By aligning the goals with desired outcomes, we ensure a focused and effective implementation that drives student success.

  • Creating Course Curriculum and Guiding Content Decision-Making: Our experienced team assists schools in developing course curriculum materials that align with instructional objectives. We guide content decision-making to ensure that the curriculum is engaging, relevant, and tailored to meet the needs of the students.

  • Building Leader and Teacher Capacity: We understand the importance of strong leadership and teacher capacity in facilitating successful courses. We offer professional development and support to develop the skills and expertise needed to effectively facilitate or provide facilitators for virtual course offerings.

  • Facilitating Reflective Stepbacks: Regular reflection is vital for continuous improvement. We facilitate biweekly stepbacks, providing opportunities for educators to reflect on interim data and refine the course based on student learning needs. This process ensures that the course remains responsive to student progress and evolving instructional requirements.

Establishing an Academic "North Star"

At Bridges to Readiness, we pave the way for a comprehensive and focused approach to student readiness. By evaluating curriculum rigor, creating strategic yearly plans, and identifying opportunities for improvement, we empower schools to guide students towards their postsecondary goals with confidence. Our comprehensive service focuses on three key objectives:

  • Evaluating Curriculum for Rigor and North Star Alignment: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current curriculum to ensure it meets the standards of rigor and aligns with your North Star objectives. Our expert team assesses the content, learning outcomes, and instructional strategies, providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

  • Creating a Yearly Plan for Strategic Time Allocation: We understand that students' time is valuable, and it's crucial to optimize their learning experience. Our consultants work closely with you to develop a strategic yearly plan that ensures students spend the majority of their time on the things that matter most. By prioritizing key concepts, skills, and experiences, we help maximize student engagement and academic growth.

  • Identifying Opportunities for Increased Postsecondary Readiness: We believe in the power of incorporating diverse resources and best practices to enhance postsecondary readiness. Our team collaborates with you to identify opportunities for integrating supplementary resources, innovative teaching methods, and effective best practices into your educational framework. By leveraging these opportunities, we help students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for success beyond graduation.

Assessment Strategy & Progress Monitoring

We believe in the transformative power of education. Through our consulting services, we empower schools to create a roadmap for student postsecondary readiness. Our experienced team works closely with educators and administrators to achieve key objectives:

  • Ensure a Common Understanding of Data: We help stakeholders develop a shared understanding of how data can be effectively utilized to identify trends and inform targeted intervention and tutoring. By harnessing the power of data, schools can make informed decisions to drive student success.

  • Targeted Support and Addressing Unfinished Learning: We assist schools in identifying systems to provide students with targeted support and address any unfinished learning. By addressing knowledge gaps and providing tailored interventions, we ensure that students receive the necessary support to thrive academically.

  • Course Quarterly Assessments: We collaborate with schools to develop course quarterly assessments that assess student progress and provide valuable insights into their learning journey. These assessments help educators monitor student growth and make data-driven instructional decisions.

  • Facilitating Data Meetings: Our team supports schools in creating and facilitating effective data meetings with stakeholders. These meetings serve as crucial platforms for analyzing recent benchmark data, identifying trends, and collectively planning strategies to improve student outcomes.

  • Identifying Standards and Knowledge Gaps: We analyze current data to identify standards, benchmarks, and knowledge gaps that require attention. This enables schools to focus on specific areas of improvement and align their instruction to ensure comprehensive student growth.

  • Planning for Instructional Shifts and Focus: We assist schools in planning for instructional shifts and establishing focused areas of emphasis to enhance postsecondary readiness. By aligning instruction with standards and addressing identified gaps, schools can optimize learning experiences for their students.

Curriculum Implementation & Development

We recognize the significance of selecting and implementing high-quality tier I curriculum to drive student success. Our consulting services offer comprehensive support to schools throughout the process, focusing on the following key objectives:

  • Selection of High-Quality Curriculum: We assist schools in selecting rigorous and research-based tier I curriculum that aligns with instructional objectives and meets the needs of their students. Our expertise ensures that the chosen curriculum is of the highest quality, promoting effective teaching and learning.

  • Action Planning for Implementation: We work collaboratively with school leaders and educators to develop action plans that outline the necessary steps for successful curriculum implementation. These plans encompass considerations such as resource allocation, professional development, and instructional support.

  • Expectations for Use & Teacher Planning Support: We help schools establish clear expectations for curriculum use, providing guidance on how teachers can effectively plan and deliver instruction. Our support includes training and resources to assist teachers in leveraging the curriculum to its full potential.


  • Leader Observation & Feedback Cycle Support: Effective leadership is crucial in monitoring curriculum implementation and providing meaningful feedback to teachers. We support school leaders in establishing observation and feedback cycles that promote continuous improvement and alignment with curriculum goals.

  • Year 1 Implementation Goals: We collaborate with schools to establish achievable implementation goals for the first year. These goals ensure a focused and effective implementation, setting the foundation for sustained success.

  • Year 2 Implementation Stepback & Goals: In the second year, we facilitate stepback sessions to reflect on the initial implementation and identify areas for growth. Together, we establish new goals for the upcoming year, taking into account feedback, data, and evolving instructional needs.

Teacher Professional Development on SAT, ACT, & Standards & Shifts

We understand the importance of creating effective systems for curriculum planning, implementation, and ongoing teacher development. Our consulting services provide comprehensive support to schools in achieving the following objectives:

  • Creating Key Look-fors in Curriculum Planning & Implementation: We collaborate with schools to establish key indicators of success in curriculum planning and implementation. By identifying specific elements to observe, we ensure alignment with instructional objectives and foster best practices in teaching and learning.

  • Establishing Norms and Setting Goals: We facilitate discussions to establish norms and set goals related to observation data, student growth, and teacher support and development. By collectively understanding the current state and identifying areas for improvement, we create a foundation for growth and progress.

  • Developing Scope and Sequence for Professional Development: We assist schools in developing a comprehensive scope and sequence for professional development sessions and professional learning communities (PLCs). These structured opportunities focus on SAT, ACT, standards, and shifts, equipping teachers with the necessary knowledge and strategies to support student success.

  • Continuously Monitoring and Adjusting Action Plans: We collaborate with schools to continuously norm on action plan adjustments, ensuring alignment with priorities for teacher development. By monitoring progress, identifying areas of strength and improvement, and adjusting action plans accordingly, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.



The Readiness Institute encompasses a three-track program for Leaders, Teachers, and Students. Bridges to Readiness would work with your district to design content for and facilitate a multi-day workshop with an emphasis on understanding the bar for how students become prepared for life after high school through the lens of the SAT. This program utilizes research-based approaches to both sections of the SAT, and provides understanding of how the SAT aligns to the demands of college and career readiness.

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Leadership Track

In the Leadership Track, education leaders are trained to design an Instructional Quality Action Plan aligned with SAT expectations and equity principles. They gain knowledge of SAT benchmarks, evidence-based practices, and strategies to support historically marginalized students. Leaders in this track also pilot refined assessment and data routines to implement a data-driven high school program focused on equity and student feedback.

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Teacher Track

The Teacher Track focuses on developing college- and career-readiness content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Teachers deepen their understanding of the SAT demands, analyze student misconceptions, and practice responding to student work. They also examine their own materials and instructional practices to align with the SAT and observe the tutoring program to learn best practices in delivering rigorous content to high school students.

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Student Track

The Student track of Bridges to Readiness offers small group high-dosage tutoring for up to 15 rising 11th graders. Students receive 12 hours of tutoring focused on SAT Math preparation using the Readiness Math curriculum and the Knowledge-Building reading course. Individualized support is provided based on students' PSAT scores, allowing tailored instruction to address their specific learning needs and serve as a model for leveraging SAT data for instructional decisions.



Bridges to Readiness would provide a learning experience for leaders (e.g., high school principals, instructional coaches, and Chief Academic Officers) that would drive towards the following key outcomes:

  • Designing an Instructional Quality Action Plan: Leaders will set objectives and key results for their high school academic program for the school year, aligned to the expectations fo the SAT and tied to deep beliefs around equity for students. 

  • Understanding the Bar: Leaders will deepen their understanding of the benchmarks of the SAT in EBRW and math, as well as learn evidence-based practices (e.g., a knowledge-rich curriculum, a text-centered approach, and work around mathematical language and mathematical identities for high school students). 

  • Refining a Theory of Support for Historically Marginalized Students: Leaders will codify a theory of support for diverse learners & historically marginalized students (students of color, students who are low-income, and students with other language or learning needs), and determine specific strategies of these students for the upcoming school year, including how and where high-dosage tutoring (and the implementation of which) plays a key role. 

  • Piloting Refined Assessment and Data Routines: Leaders will establish an assessment strategy for the upcoming school year rooted in standards alignment, high-quality tasks, progress monitoring, and student feedback in the institute, leaders will walk away with a clear plan and dashboard for how to implement a data-driven high school program in EBRW & math and pilot it within this academic year with the hopes to scale across content areas in years to come. 



Bridges to Readiness would provide a learning experience for teachers that would drive towards the following key outcomes: 

  • Developing College- and Career-Readiness Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Teachers will deepen their understanding of demands of the SAT and HS rigor through experiencing sample tasks, analyzing potential student misconceptions and practicing responding to student work. As part of this process, teachers will hone their mindsets, skills, and knowledge around how all students can reach the bar of the standards with the right support. 

  • Understanding Curricular Instructional Alignment to the SAT: Teachers will examine their own materials and instructional practices to see and strengthen connecting to the SAT and their daily instruction. 

  • Seeing and Practicing Aligned Instruction: Teachers will observe the tutoring program happening concurrently to unpack best practices and practice delivering rigorous content to students at the high school level. 


Bridges to Readiness would provide small group high-dosage tutoring for students (rising 11th graders) with the following objectives:

  • Preparedness for the SAT in Math: Students would attend small group tutoring sessions throughout the multi-day experience. This tutoring would focus on implementing the Readiness Math curriculum as well as the Knowledge-Building reading course. 

  • Individualized Support: Bridges to Readiness would use these students PSAT scores from Fall of 2023 to determine individualized instruction to these students' learning acceleration needs as revealed by the data. This practice (as well as the actual tutoring instruction) would serve as a model for how leaders and teachers can easily act upon SAT data. 

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