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"Our tutor gave our daughter
what a test prep book couldn't"

Learn About Bridges to Readiness
Tutoring for Students

As a parent, you want the best for your student. You’ve worked hard to get them to this point, and you have seen and appreciated how far they have come. But you know that there is still a lot to accomplish before they graduate--and one of those things is having options for various postsecondary pathways. A high score on college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT could unlock new college and university matches for students after high school in addition to increased scholarship potential. Students' results on these tests are also reliable indicators that students have the knowledge and skills to be equipped for the demands of life after high school.


Bridges to Readiness can be your student's copilot as they navigate preparing for these exams and ensure they are making the most of their time, talents, and resources in order to achieve the big goals they have for themselves. We have supported countless students in maximizing their score potential on these college entrance exams, ensuring that they are set up for admissions, scholarships, and success after high school graduation.

Here's how our tutoring works.

First, you'll let us know you're interested in tutoring or select a package. Then we'll work to understand your student's goals, match you with a tutor, and create a customized plan to help meet those goals.

Here's what we offer.


Customized instruction to meet goals.

We know you have big goals for your child. Tutoring is proven to produce large learning gains for a wide range of students. Navigating score reports and identifying the highest-leverage areas for support can be overwhelming and time consuming. We will work with you and your student to identify where they need extra support and select the right program to help your student achieve your goals and set them up for success after high school.


Virtual instruction from anywhere.

We use the most current technology to work shoulder to shoulder with your child (virtually) from anywhere in the US. We won’t let distance keep us from building a relationship and customizing our program to your child’s needs.


Research-backed strategies with proven results.

Our evidence-based approach in reading emphasizes learning essential vocabulary and background knowledge on the topics students are likely to read about on the SAT and ACT in addition to teaching strategies to succeed on the test. With Readiness Math, we’ll help your student understand the how and why behind the math so you are prepared to take on even the most challenging questions. Our program goes beyond the test, though—we expect to see student growth in the quality of their school experience, future graduation rates, and other measures of student confidence and self-efficacy.


Regular updates on progress.

We believe in ongoing data use from our sessions in order to tailor instruction for individual students. As a parent, you are invested in your student and their progress just as much as they are--and teenagers aren’t known to be forthcoming with life updates! After each session, caregivers and students get updates on attendance, content covered, and progress toward goals.

Consistent yet flexible schedule.

We know your student is busy with school, friends, and extracurricular activities- and that you want to spend time with them, too!  We match tutors with students during and/or after the school day. We'll work together to find times in the day that work best for everyone.

Ongoing adjustments based on data.

We use data from previous assessments, such as the PSAT or Pre-ACT, and student data from tutoring sessions to make real-time adjustments that maximize the time spent in tutoring and lead to deeper learning.

Highly qualified, relationship-oriented tutors.

Our tutors have an average of 11 years of experience teaching in classrooms and proven results working with students of all backgrounds. At Bridges to Readiness, we set a high bar for tutor selection and provide our tutors with ongoing coaching and development. Learn more about our tutors here.

"Our tutor helped my daughter by targeting her specific needs, something a test prep book could not be able to do. She loved that her tutor was able to give her specific tips and feedback that made her feel much more confident during the real test.
She was able to increase her score from 650 to 780 in SAT reading and writing with just few sessions over a period of one month."
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Pleasanton, CA

Here are our packages.

Premium Package


Perfect for deep support in one subject on the ACT or SAT

  • 8 one-hour sessions

  • Customized plan based on student needs

  • Consistent updates for parents

  • Full access to curriculum and resources

Elite Package


Deep support for one or two subjects for the ACT or SAT 

  • 16 one-hour sessions

  • Customized plan based on student needs

  • Consistent updates for parents

  • Ongoing student data analysis

  • Full access to curriculum and resources

Take the First Step Towards Success: Get Started with Bridges to Readiness Tutoring Today!

You want to see the impact of tutoring on your student. So do we. Investing in a package provides you with:

  • Flexibility with time and location

  • Customized lessons

  • Consistent updates from each lesson

  • High-quality instructor

  • Proven approaches with results

Here's why it helps:

  • You can work with a consistent Elite Tutor over time who knows your student’s strengths, personality, and goals

  • Our internal data shows that students grow more over time with structured sessions and a proven program

  • You’re able to map out the cadence of sessions that meet your student’s needs and your schedule

"My son’s scores showed great improvement and he met his goal for the requirements of a particular scholarship."

Jennifer from Chantilly, VA

Here's what we deliver: results.

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Want to connect?

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Free 15-minute consultation with our Founder & CEO, Bryan Hearn, to discuss your needs for your student(s) and our approach. We will use this call to establish an individualized plan to fit your student's goals.


Tell us more about you.

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