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Welcome to our diverse range of services designed to enhance postsecondary readiness and empower schools and districts in achieving their educational goals. Led by Carly Brenner, our esteemed Director of Programs, and an experienced educator with a passion for educational excellence, these services offer valuable insights, guidance, and strategies to support student success.

Carly Brenner brings a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to student achievement. With a background in secondary English education, Carly began her teaching career in 2011 in Memphis, Tennessee. Recognized for her exceptional effectiveness, she received the highest possible score in the state for her teaching performance.

Carly's dedication to educational excellence led her to pursue a Master's of Education degree from Christian Brothers University. During her studies, she developed a passion for ensuring student and teacher access to standards-aligned curriculum and assessments. This passion drove her to support district and state efforts in implementing College & Career Readiness Standards, advocating for high-quality educational opportunities for all students.

In her role as the Director of Programs at Bridges to Readiness, Carly leverages her expertise and deep understanding of postsecondary readiness to guide schools and districts toward their goals. With her dynamic and interactive virtual sessions, she provides valuable insights, guidance, and strategies to empower educators in their pursuit of student success.

To ensure a seamless and impactful engagement, we recommend scheduling sessions at least one week in advance. This allows ample time for Carly to prepare and customize the session to your specific requirements, ensuring the highest level of effectiveness.

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Assessment Strategy &
Progress Monitoring

Empower stakeholders with data-driven support: identify trends, plan interventions, implement targeted support systems, conduct assessments, analyze data, and plan instructional shifts for student success.

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Current State Audit

The Teacher Track focuses on developing college- and career-readiness content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Teachers deepen their understanding of the SAT demands, analyze student misconceptions, and practice responding to student work. They also examine their own materials and instructional practices to align with the SAT and observe the tutoring program to learn best practices in delivering rigorous content to high school students.

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Current State Audit

The Teacher Track focuses on developing college- and career-readiness content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Teachers deepen their understanding of the SAT demands, analyze student misconceptions, and practice responding to student work. They also examine their own materials and instructional practices to align with the SAT and observe the tutoring program to learn best practices in delivering rigorous content to high school students.

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Establishing an Academic "North Star"

The Student track of Bridges to Readiness offers small group high-dosage tutoring for up to 15 rising 11th graders. Students receive 12 hours of tutoring focused on SAT Math preparation using the Readiness Math curriculum and the Knowledge-Building reading course. Individualized support is provided based on students' PSAT scores, allowing tailored instruction to address their specific learning needs and serve as a model for leveraging SAT data for instructional decisions.

PostReady Visionary:
Mapping Pathways for Student Postsecondary Readiness

We believe in the transformative power of education. Through our consulting services, we empower schools to create a roadmap for student postsecondary readiness. Our experienced team works closely with educators and administrators to achieve key objectives:

  • Creating a Vision and Theory of Change: We collaborate with schools to define a clear vision of success within their unique context. By understanding the current landscape, we help schools develop a theory of change that outlines the necessary steps to enhance student postsecondary readiness.

  • Defining a Communications Plan: Effective communication is essential for driving progress. We assist schools in developing a strategic communications plan that aligns with their goals. From conveying the importance of postsecondary readiness to engaging stakeholders, our expertise ensures that the message resonates with the intended audience.

  • Establishing Initial Steps for Progress: Taking the first steps towards postsecondary readiness can be daunting. We provide guidance in defining initial sets of actionable steps tailored to each school's needs. Our collaborative approach helps schools navigate the process, setting them on a path to success.

North Star PathBuilder:
Guiding Schools Towards Alignment and Success

With our North Star PathBuilder service, we pave the way for a comprehensive and focused approach to student readiness. By evaluating curriculum rigor, creating strategic yearly plans, and identifying opportunities for improvement, we empower schools to guide students towards their postsecondary goals with confidence. Our comprehensive service focuses on three key objectives:

  • Evaluating Curriculum for Rigor and North Star Alignment: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current curriculum to ensure it meets the standards of rigor and aligns with your North Star objectives. Our expert team assesses the content, learning outcomes, and instructional strategies, providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

  • Creating a Yearly Plan for Strategic Time Allocation: We understand that students' time is valuable, and it's crucial to optimize their learning experience. Our consultants work closely with you to develop a strategic yearly plan that ensures students spend the majority of their time on the things that matter most. By prioritizing key concepts, skills, and experiences, we help maximize student engagement and academic growth.

  • Identifying Opportunities for Increased Postsecondary Readiness: We believe in the power of incorporating diverse resources and best practices to enhance postsecondary readiness. Our team collaborates with you to identify opportunities for integrating supplementary resources, innovative teaching methods, and effective best practices into your educational framework. By leveraging these opportunities, we help students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for success beyond graduation.

Literacy and Math Curriculum Mastery for Postsecondary Readiness

AchieveReady is a comprehensive service of Literacy or Math Curriculum Review to empower schools in preparing students for postsecondary success. With our expertise and focus on student outcomes, we address the following objectives:

  • Identify Key Knowledge and Standards for Postsecondary Readiness: We work closely with schools to identify the essential knowledge and standards necessary for students' postsecondary success. By aligning curriculum objectives with the desired outcomes, we ensure students are equipped with the skills and competencies needed for college and beyond.

  • Evaluate Current Curriculum for Rigor and Alignment: Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your existing literacy or math curriculum. We analyze its rigor, effectiveness, and alignment with postsecondary readiness standards. Through this assessment, we provide valuable insights to enhance curriculum quality and ensure it meets the desired outcomes.

  • Identify Resources for College Entrance Exam Reading Prep: College entrance exams often require strong reading skills. We assist schools in identifying appropriate resources to supplement the curriculum and specifically target college entrance exam reading preparation. By incorporating effective resources, we equip students with the necessary reading strategies and comprehension skills to excel in these exams.

Elevating ELA - Writing & Language Curriculum for College Readiness

WordCraft is a specialized service dedicated to enhancing ELA - Writing & Language curriculum for college readiness. Our focus is on equipping students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in college-level writing and language assessments. Here's how we can support your goals:

  • Identify Key Skills and Standards for College Entrance Tests: We collaborate closely with schools to identify the key skills and standards assessed on college entrance writing and language tests. By understanding the requirements of these assessments, we ensure that curriculum addresses the necessary areas for student success.

  • Evaluate Curriculum for Alignment with College/Career Skill Requirements: Our team of experts conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your current ELA - Writing & Language curriculum. We assess its alignment with the skill requirements for college and career readiness. Through this process, we provide valuable insights to enhance curriculum alignment and ensure students are well-prepared for future academic and professional endeavors.

  • Identify Supplemental Resources for Effective Writing and Language Instruction: We assist schools in identifying and incorporating supplemental resources that enhance writing and language instruction. Our focus includes resources designed to strengthen grammar, composition, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. By integrating these resources, we empower students to excel in their writing and language abilities.

Empowering Reading Comprehension for Postsecondary Readiness

With KnowledgeLink, we bridge the gap between knowledge and reading comprehension. By focusing on the vital role of knowledge in postsecondary readiness, we empower students to develop strong reading comprehension skills essential for success in higher education. Here are the three objectives KnowledgeLink can assist with:

  • Understanding the Science behind Reading Comprehension: We delve deep into the science behind reading comprehension, exploring the cognitive processes and strategies involved. By understanding these intricacies, we provide valuable insights and evidence-based approaches to improve reading comprehension skills.

  • Knowledge Demands for Postsecondary Readiness: We recognize the knowledge demands necessary for postsecondary readiness. Our team works closely with schools to identify the specific knowledge domains and content areas that are crucial for success in higher education. By understanding these demands, we help develop targeted strategies to build the necessary knowledge base.

  • Curriculum Evaluation for Knowledge-Building Opportunities: Our experts conduct comprehensive evaluations of your curriculum to identify opportunities for knowledge-building. We assess curriculum materials, content, and instructional approaches to ensure they effectively foster knowledge acquisition and application. Through this evaluation, we provide recommendations for incorporating knowledge-building opportunities into the curriculum.

Navigating Postsecondary Success in ELA or Math

At Bridges to Readiness, we are dedicated to enhancing postsecondary readiness in ELA or Math. With a focus on understanding the standards, defining readiness, and optimizing instructional materials and practices, we empower students to thrive in higher education. Here's how ReadinessRoutes supports your goals:

  • Understanding Shifts and Standards: Our expert team helps educators understand the shifts and standards in ELA or Math that are crucial for postsecondary readiness. We provide in-depth insights into the requirements and expectations, ensuring a solid foundation for effective instruction and student success.

  • Defining Readiness for Evidence-based Reading and Writing or Math: We clarify how "readiness" is defined specifically for Evidence-based Reading and Writing or Math. By unpacking the essential components and competencies, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of readiness and its significance for postsecondary achievement.

  • Evaluating Instructional Materials and Practices: We conduct thorough evaluations of your current instructional materials and practices to identify opportunities for improvement in rigor and alignment. Our assessment focuses on enhancing instructional materials, pedagogical approaches, and practices to optimize student engagement and learning outcomes.

Curriculum Insight:
Unlocking Postsecondary Potential

With 'Curriculum Insight', we provide a comprehensive analysis of your curriculum to enhance student preparedness for higher education and future career paths. This service is designed to elevate curriculum in ELA, Math, or Science. With a focus on rigor, alignment to the North Star, course progression, and resource identification, we provide invaluable insights to enhance postsecondary readiness. Here's how our service supports your objectives:

  • Rigor and Alignment Evaluation to the North Star: Our team conducts a thorough deep dive into your ELA, Math, or Science curriculum. We meticulously evaluate its rigor and alignment to the North Star objectives, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for postsecondary success.

  • Assessment and Refinement of Course Progression: We assess the course progression within your curriculum, identifying opportunities for refinement. Our experts ensure a logical and coherent progression that optimally prepares students for advanced study and postsecondary readiness.

  • Resource Identification for Postsecondary Readiness: We help you identify and incorporate resources that support postsecondary readiness. Our team identifies supplementary materials, educational tools, and best practices to enhance student engagement, critical thinking, and subject mastery.

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