College Counseling

Here to Guide and Empower Your Academic Journey, Providing the Tools and Support You Need from College to Career.

Champion your college preparation with a holistic approach. Guided by Ikigai principles and supported by seasoned experts, Bridges to Readiness offers comprehensive support from career exploration to essay writing and financial aid navigation, empowering your academic and professional future.

About Our College Counseling Programs

College Exploration: With this service, students explore and deepen their academic, professional, and personal interests, beginning as early as 8th grade. Students receive holistic, student-centered advice that will help them become competitive candidates when they apply to colleges, such as high school course selection support and extracurricular activity guidance.

College Application Support: Designed for students who are preparing for or already applying to colleges, this service is meant to help high school seniors represent themselves authentically and impactfully across all aspects of the admissions process. Support includes college list building, application material development & feedback, financial aid guidance, college decision-making, and college transition preparation.

College Essay Writing: Students work closely with our counselors to develop an essay that they can be proud of sharing with admissions committees at the colleges of their dreams. Combining Ikigai practices with college/program-specific guidance, we aim to craft meaningful essays with students that demonstrate their values, knowledge, and aspirations.

Transfer & Graduate School Admissions: We offer guidance to students who are interested in transferring colleges or applying to graduate school, advising on admissions exams, college list-building, application material development, credit transfers, college transition preparation.

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