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"I could not be more pleased. I would highly recommend Bridges to Readiness for your test preparation needs."

Your Partner in AP Excellence

At Bridges to Readiness, our research-based program and expert tutors are dedicated to ensuring your student is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the AP exams across various subjects. 

Here's how our personalized tutoring can benefit your student:

Customized support

We recognize that each student is unique, and our tutors tailor their instruction to address your student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 


Our experienced tutors have in-depth knowledge of the AP exam format and specific subject matter.

Consistent practice and feedback

Your student will have access to regular practice using real AP exam questions. Our tutors provide immediate feedback, helping your student identify mistakes, refine their skills, and continuously improve.

Test-taking strategies

Our tutors teach proven techniques for handling various question types, time management, and supporting answer choices.

Accountability and motivation

Tutoring sessions offer structure and a sense of accountability, ensuring your student stays on track with their study plans. Our tutors also provide encouragement and motivation, keeping your student engaged and committed to their academic goals.

How we support AP students:

In AP Language, we focus on mastering rhetorical analysis, argumentative writing, and synthesis essays, providing valuable insights to help your student navigate the content more effectively.

In AP Biology, we help students decipher complex multiple-choice questions related to cellular processes and genetics, and approach free-response questions systematically, boosting their confidence and performance on exam day.

In AP US History, we work on analyzing primary and secondary sources, identifying historical trends, and crafting well-structured essays.

In AP Calculus, for instance, we work on understanding difficult concepts, such as limits and derivatives, and applying them to problem-solving, ensuring targeted support for a more efficient and productive learning experience.

Meet our qualified AP tutors:

Janessa Jordan Hewlett

Janessa Jordan Hewlett is a seasoned teacher and teacher-leader with over a decade's worth of experience teaching advanced high school English courses. She taught at the Soulsville Charter School, in Memphis, TN, for 10 years, where she designed and facilitated the AP English Literature and Pre-AP English II courses and served as the high school English Department Chair. Janessa worked for six summers as a constructed response Reader for the AP English Literature exam. In 2017, she was awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short Term Fellowship and spent a summer in New Delhi, India developing curriculum and teacher training materials for a local NGO. Janessa also served as a Stanford Hollyhock Leading Fellow where she worked to bring school-wide equity initiatives to her home school. Janessa worked closely with the Memphis Teacher Residency program, working for three years as both a mentor teacher and an adjunct professor in English Pedagogy. She now works with adult learners on leadership development.

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“Before the session, I thought I needed to learn tips and tricks for my timing issue. But now I realize that it’s not about tips and tricks but about better understanding the text. And when I do that, not only does my timing get better but so does my accuracy”

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Free 15-minute consultation with our Founder & CEO, Bryan Hearn, to discuss your needs for your student(s) and our approach. We will use this call to establish an individualized plan to fit your student's goals.


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